Learn about XPO's battery-electric truck pilot

Electric Truck Pilot

XPO Logistics is proud to play a critical role in the advancement of battery-electric commercial truck technology by piloting Daimler’s Freightliner eCascadia in Oakland, CA. Through Daimler’s Customer Experience (CX) Fleet, we’re able to pilot this technology by deploying trucks in real-world applications.


XPO will use this pilot to better understand how EV’s will fit into our operations as part of our ongoing commitment to carbon reduction. We’re learning how the vehicle operates with different freight and cargo weights, the costs, safety aspects, maintenance, etc., in real-time. It’s a gradual process and we’re continuing to focus on this and other technologies that support our sustainability commitment.

Why It Matters

Our drivers, who deliver a variety of goods to customers in different environments every day, play a key role in the process by providing regular feedback on the truck’s performance. This has given us the opportunity to engage with our drivers, while helping Daimler make improvements before full series production.


Our customers are excited about this technology, as sustainability continues to take on added importance around the world, XPO is proud of the progress we’re making in this space.